The Artist

Shimi Pelleg was a professor for over 20 years, when his love and passion for art drove him to dedicate his life for creating one.
Living in a wide landscape, surrounded by the endless fields and the sea, inspired Shimi Pelleg in his artworks. The deep unique colors of his glass arts is reflecting the colors of the wheat fields, the deep turquoise of water and the beauty of nature he is surrounded by.
“Glass is a mystery material, challenging with it’s endless forms, colors and textures. My passion to art leads me to reach unique colors and textures while keeping the glass with it’s originality and transparency. As a farmer and earth worker, my love to nature inspired me to create with it’s colors and sights.
After years of continuous experimentation, Shimi developed a special technique to create a beautiful stained glass. The color is integral part of the glass and it will not fade, scrape or fade with time, and will light the space with the beauty of art.